How to Wear Timeless Looks

We saw thesis Supposed “trends” appearance time and time again, Both on the catwalks and Enough Surely, in the pages of our very own magazine. Thesis looks timeless classics That Have Become season After season, we all still cannot SEEM to get enough of. So do not be shy When It Comes to Including thesis in looks in your beauty arsenal Every Day:


Rich red lips. As we Reported last week, Dior classic look this thing in Paris at the Spring / Summer shows, Reason Enough To Believe That, yet again, red lips are still a style “yes!” And the beauty of the red lip is you Can wear the look anytime, day or night, and make a beautiful statement – without going overboard. The key: Let (only) your lips do the talking. All Other makeup Can Be a bit understated, Giving full attention to to your pretty Peckers.


Dark night as nails. If Memory Serves us right, it all started with the introduction of Essie’s Wicked and the favorite and the OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Many Moons again. And while we HAD Some Thought the color staying power, Little Did We Know It Would spawn Many a deep red, purple and black Counterpart and create a never ending addiction to the dark, sexy nail. What Appeared To Be a fad HAS Surely Turned Into Enough has timeless tradition. Confused over shade What Will work best for you? Check out the OPI color app and you’ll Have it all sorted before you hit the nail salon.


The Pony – or the Pixie! The spring / summer shows yet again Proved To Be heavy pony. Loose, low, high, to the side, filled with golden hair parts down the middle – choose your tail! If you’ve got the hair, we say go for it. Daytime or evening, the ponytail look IS simple – Which in turn, Makes it sexy. Too short for a hair tie? The pixie cut IS not only cute, HAS That goal has Remained stylish look sincere When the time put the Twiggy look boyish but beautiful on the map.

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Vintage womn’s clothing finally made its way back to the fashion condition

Old-style clothing come back again and again. There are some different styles when you can exercise your choice to wear this style. This clothing line track from the 1920s to the 1960s. After it has made ??a huge lot of popularity, and now it has been increasing and then save. So, if you want to try it then choose to wear old lady clothes. You should research before you choose to wear this style of dress. If you are ready then you have a theme party for these types of clothing.

On the Internet, you can find a lot of old clothes, you will find very elegant and charming. Before you buy you should look at the different sites, so you can buy your clothes. When you buy they will not hesitate because you will get the best of themselves. Older women can work together as a subtle fashion accessories hat.

You will find that these days, many women are using modern clothes and materials to do some of the wonderful old-fashioned appliances woman. You should definitely make sure to buy your ideal store. There are many shops, you can find providing this type of clothing at a reasonable cost. You can get them online shops and traditional stores. All you need to do is choose the right web site for yourself so you can get the best of themselves.

This type of clothing quickly get popular for women. Women are now turning to old-fashioned clothing and accessories, so they can save more magic and charm of the past. So, if your wardrobe is the lack of a walk in the front, you should immediately buy one for yourself. Check out the variety of clothes available online stores. Whether it is an elegant dress or skirt or even a vintage twist vest, you can choose to go to you like old ladies. Choose a real clothes to or you will be ill-fitting clothes, looks very ugly for a very long time.

Older women, can be found at different times, you can buy depends on your style fit. Many people are very good tailor sew their own clothes skills. This type of clothing to wear you will find that you look like a celebrity from the past. If you think this style of yesteryears not work, then you are highly mistaken. You will look elegant and pleasant, when you wear this dress style.

However, if you see that dress is inappropriate, then you should not worry because the sleeves, lace is back blowing fashion, the party’s leading fashionistas decent society!

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You want to be fashionable, you don’t need to pay too much

An all-night party last week at my cousin gave me a crash course on the latest fashion trendences, where to buy nice clothes at the most affordable price. This is a very interesting, the most memorable night of my cousin let me try some of her clothes, she also made ??a mini fashion show featuring extensive collection in her wardrobe.

I night party is not, because I just guest. I was in the region to meet the customer, since I have not seen my cousin for nearly a year’s time, I decided to give her a call, asked her to drink coffee. She said she was at home I called her, she insisted that I come to eat cell phone. I did not fast because there is no better thing you can do at home, I drove to her place, we talked for hours, dinner time, until late at night.

We went to her room, she showed me her whole wardrobe, I had found a surprising variety of content. She has a variety of tops, pants, skirts, scarves, belts, shoes and accessories for the countless variety of colors to mix and match possibilities.

After we have almost everything in her portfolio and tired of all that we can believe that we plop down on her bed and continued to chat, she showed me her MacBook in her photo sets. Where is she now told me to buy her goods on-line fashion, she showed me some of provide a greater discount coupon code in a huge variety of fashion wear.

I am absorbed in our conversation at dinner, I did not notice rain picked up outside. Through its appearance in her window, when we feel warm and comfortable inside the house sound, heard only the muffled noise of the rain, seems to be under the drizzle outside. However, when I’m ready to leave, I said goodbye, I see almost no rain beating her living room window. And I opened the door, the wind and rain too much, I had no choice but to go back home and my cousin went to shelters.

She suggested I stay overnight, because it does not drive home from a long-term security. When I told her I do not have extra clothes in my car, she said it was not a problem because we have the same shape and she can lend me a whole wardrobe. Beautiful, our little fashion show began.

I see promotional code offers some really attractive deal in many fashion and accessories, easy to understand why so many of my cousin in her wardrobe, even though she admitted spending only a few her income on clothes.

That night and my cousin really taught me a lot how to dress style these days without spending extravagance and waste.

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First Thing in the Morning Ugly

Imagine the first thing in the morning. You wake up just yelled for you to get your booty out of bed lazy, but you’re still burying your head in the pillow. Your hair may look like a poodle fuzzy and there may be a little dried drool on your chin, but hey, anything to distract from the inflated ring, right? I believe everyone wakes up like a wildebeest in the morning, even Gisele Bündchen.

You may have seen some first thing-in-the-morning paranoia ugly in the first months of dating someone. Allure editor, who wished to remain anonymous, set an alarm so that it can sneak up an hour earlier than her new boyfriend and put on a face full of makeup before falling into bed to pretend to wake up with him. I have several friends who admitted to having slept with their makeup on when they have other important-sleepovers. But the prospect of someone else you see in these first few moments of awakening is not the only thing that incites action: Yet another Allure editor said that “if I feel I look like dog doo-doo when I wake up, I quickly slipped into the bathroom to dab on some concealer. “It is not his tee shot beauty routine for the day she simply making presentable enough to eat breakfast and feed the cat. Solo.

My true confession: I always go to bed shameless, and after a shower, I twist my hair in a braid disorder, slip on my glasses Steve Urkel, and call it a night. Next to my bed, I stashed a box of Altoids breath in the morning particularly vile and Rosebud Salve Smith some lip dry and cracked. This is not a recipe for enchanting look first thing in the morning, but at least I have no hard foundation on my pillow and my eyes are not glued together by the mascara. I made peace with my face in the morning … that does not mean that I let someone else see it.

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Beauty protest

Occupy with Wall Street, stirring up a spirit of protest across America, I got to thinking about things I’d like to see changed in the world of beauty. And while French and advice VFL (the visible foundation line) immediately came to mind, there are some serious problems in the cosmetics industry in need of reform. Here’s what I propose for cabinet members – including that of my bathroom.


Ban bronze. California recently became the first state in the country to ban tanning for minors – even with the permission of a parent. Studies have shown that youth who are at risk Tan interior 75 percent higher in melanoma than those who do not. And if you think most parents would not be wise to let their children visit a tanning bed, think again. When I was in high school, “cool moms” did not only take their girls tanning, but they offered to sign my release forms of tanning as well – just after they suggested that I have a margarita.

Nail Salons. I should not be afraid of a mushroom walk whenever I get a mani-pedi. As the restaurant grades, scores of sanitation must be clearly posted in each living room window. And while we’re at it, we can slow down the polishes that contain a toxic cocktail of toluene, DBP, and formaldehyde? Sacramento is the way with its order Nail Salon Recognition healthy, but in the meantime, I suggest you make your own color and base coat, like Priti polish, a non-toxic formula that does not skimp on quality.

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A Salon “Braid Bar”

I heard a fellow beauty editor buzzing about a braid she had obtained from John Barrett Salon at Bergdorf Goodman in New York. It turns out they have a dedicated “braid bar” with stylists trained to create the look. I decided to investigate: I called and made an appointment.

When I arrived, my hairdresser Mahogany-Grace-I asked what kind of braid I wanted to do and gave me a flip book of celebrity tresses to cover, noting the most requested styles belonged to Blake Lively, Lauren Conrad, Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Richie. I decided on a wavy line, up to half a look with a woven braid few throughout my crown. Thus, while working, I have discussed so far about “braid bar.”

Approximately how long braid it? “Most of our braids take about 15 minutes he is fast.”

When did the braid bar open? “We started June 13, we noticed braids were on the red carpet and on the track, and we wanted to specialize in them.” What is the answer was perfect?

“We were averaging about 150 a week tresses,” Grace said. [When I was in the living room, I was one of eight women who receive the service.] How much? “If you just get a braid is $ 45, if you get a shampoo and a braid is $ 65, and if you get a shampoo, rash, and a braid, it starts at $ 120.”

Who were the main customers of the bar of braid? “It’s a younger crowd, mostly women in their 20s and 30s, they bring in pictures, and most of them get braids to go to the beach for the weekend or for weddings or events. ”  When my hair was finished (it’s me, below), the salon owner John Barrett came by to admire it, so of course I had to ask:

Why tresses right now? “We have seen earlier in the season, but we wanted to ensure that we were ready [to offer]. Our designers know how to braid, but we had a crash course on the different techniques, “he said.” The tresses are sexy, hippie-chic, and we updated the look. ” “No, we got such a reaction out of the ordinary that we will continue in the fall and I think we’ll see a little more stripes on the tracks,” Barrett predicted.

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Bold your fashion hair

When it comes to beauty and the fashion hairstyles are well knew by more and more people, so it is no wonder that people do their best to pay attention to their hairstyles.Choosing the right hairstyle can make a big difference to your appearance.Can see there are a variety of DIY hairstyles turn and look super nice.If a variety of hair styles were developed, women can choose the hairstyle that suits their needs and personality.Because women want to take advantage of different looks and different hairstyles, we have some quick and easy hairstyles that you make for different lengths of hair and put the first personalities.The short hairstyles.Women with short hair are very pleased that this length of hair does not require too much time on hair length and style offers only limited possibilities salon.It is better to have a short hairstyle, the hair can be a little more length you choose to style the hair smooth straight spikes up or dirty.All these DIY hairstyles can be created in minutes with a minimum of styling product.The second style is medium hairstyles, medium length hairstyles some of the most popular hairstyles for women because of their versatility and level of maintenance.Medium length hairstyles are versatile than short hairstyles, they are a great way for women, the hair of this length adapted to the shape of the face to find.Styling one hair of medium length, in turn, to the following styles: messy bun hairstyles, wavy hairstyles by crushing the messy hair after using hair mousse first, side braids, curly hair disheveled, hair tail to create and preserve horse.The latter is the long hair when it comes to the creation of DIY haircut, the best way is to opt for braided hair and pulled.There are a variety of ways to provide your hair in a ponytail and a variety of elegant hair weaving techniques, the fabulous fabulous results.Bun hairstyles are also excellent and can be easily twisted into place with simple hair elastic.However, if you let loose hair, opt for a messy wavy hair that is easy to get the help of styling mousse to the hair sculpting it into the palm of your hand, want to stay around the hair shaft to create stylish.

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The methods to store strawberries with chocolate

Strawberries are very delicious, especially when you put a layer of chocolate on it. However, once you did this, you need to eat it within 48 hours. So, I would like to tell you the methods to store it.

Save with chocolate covered strawberries in the current track begins with the preparation process. Although the first recipe is simple, which plays an important role in preserving strawberries until they are served to your guests? That’s how it started.

Wash strawberries
When buy fresh strawberries, washed as soon as possible. Do not rub hard as the outer layer of strawberries is sweet. Do not remove the green stem. Once done, the spread of strawberry in a towel to dry. Be sure to check that the strawberries are completely dry. Even a small drop of water can affect the taste and texture of this dessert. Once done, you can use toothpicks to spear in the small fruit.

Dip the strawberries in a pan of hot water, melt chocolate. After applying a thick layer of chocolate covered strawberries, place them on a piece of waxed paper. It is important that the chocolate off all the steam, in order to protect the strawberries from moisture. Now, place the chocolate covered strawberries in the refrigerator for at least half an hour to speed the process of chocolate. When the chocolate has hardened, remove from refrigerator.

Frozen strawberries
Take a clean plastic container. This pack is large enough to prevent the strawberries of overcrowding. You must also have a box lid or cap. Take another piece of parchment paper and lay on the floor of the box. Now, place the strawberries in chocolate. Strawberries can be placed inside the container in layers. However, be sure to add a new sheet of waxed paper between each of the two layers. Make sure the strawberries are in a hurry as the lid is closed.

Save the plastic container
When the lid is closed containers in a refrigerator to produce one of the coldest part of the whole system. The ideal is to keep the lid closed, until you actually use the strawberries.

Chocolate covered strawberries are served cold. Do not put them outside or near a heating medium, is not so heavy. In this case, it is possible that the chocolate is melted and eventually ruin everything. You can serve vodka, chocolate covered strawberries or other alcoholic beverage selection. It is interesting to note that the chocolate covered strawberry gift for the holiday of Valentine’s Day truly innovative. It is not romantic fruits are red, sweet and aromatic, a bit ‘of chocolate combined with the divine? However, we can now try the suggestions above.

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Tips for expectant fathers

Nowadays, pregnancy is not only the wives’ business, but also the husbands’ responsibility. With the men’s great care, women can go through this hard period more smoothly. There are some tips for men with pregnant wives.

The management of mood swings
During pregnancy, your wife is experiencing many mood swings due to hormone secretion. At the same time feel more comfortable in generalized anxiety disorder during pregnancy. A major cause for concern,  is for the first time to become pregnant, fear of job, fear of gaining weight and losing body shape too. Women can get his attack on the dates and spouses are at the receiving end of his frustration in most cases. It is important that spouses feel like punching bags to stop. Instead, you must understand that it’s just a phase that will pass.

Fill the food cravings
Cravings usually occur in the first month of pregnancy, and can only take the first trimester or during gestation. The woman often leads to food, diet is of vital importance for the child in her womb. You must keep a cool head and try to satisfy the desire, as far as possible. Your wife can try the dishes, which can contribute to your weight during pregnancy, but you need to stop thinking about it hours

Being a good partner
As pregnancy progresses, women feel unsafe less attractive to their husbands. Currently, we need people constantly reassure their wives that looks great during pregnancy. Their wives can morning sickness for the first quarter or a little more experience. Be positive and helpful in these difficult times; avoid smoking and consumption of food can, nausea, and their wives. You can avoid going out with friends for a few days and instead of spending time with his wife. People laugh and forget their fears. You can even feel her belly and talk to your baby. There is evidence that babies while still in the womb to create some of the best father-son talk.

Respect the privacy
Getting pregnant is a very different experience for girls, especially if it turns into her first pregnancy. Be careful of what his wife broke the news to friends and family. Some pregnant women seek advice on pregnancy, the mother with experience, while others choose private messages. It is important that the decision of the woman who goes through physical changes in the eighth. It is customary to reveal a pregnancy after the first trimester is over.

Help decorate the nursery
Dreaming and planning of a beautiful baby nursery is a natural instinct for pregnant women. You can plan to start using the new center. If the sex of the baby, which is supposed to know, so you can choose the right colors for paint or wallpaper to begin with. Buy all baby furniture, toys and curtains are needed to complete the nursery.

Routine investigations
Taking care of your documentation and it is time to schedule routine investigations to the gynecologist of his wife. It’s not just his wife happy, but can also help you get the updates first hand the progress and development of your baby. The session can be interactive with questions and receive suggestions for smoother pregnancy. Take the initiative to follow his wife, the routine of taking medication. These moments are to die for.

Go shopping
Your wife can start planning a day of shopping for things like maternity clothes, maternity clothes after the baby’s clothes. Be sure to accompany his wife on visits to the malls. Your organization is not only a sense of comfort to his wife, but appreciates your help in choosing the best clothes.

Relieve physical stress
Pregnancy is a time of physical stress for women. Imagine carrying the extra weight of 6-8 pounds a total of 9 months! Pregnancy can cause pain on the shoulders of his wife, the lower back and legs. Mass for the baby and the amniotic fluid can cause painful swelling of the feet. Therefore, it is important to use some techniques of stress relaxing massage or acupuncture to relieve some of the physical tensions. Another option is to use with your wife. This helps them know you are part of the experience of pregnancy together. Women often say that pregnancy, some of the best moments of marriage and society.

Help choose baby names
One of the most interesting is to choose a name for your baby with his wife. You can start by determining the sex of the child first and then go online for some really good names to navigate. If you want your child after a couple of grandparents or uncles name, so go ahead and interpret. Get ready to think about a list of names for your baby woman.

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Get shiny & glossy hair!

With a shiny coat and bright with good smell makes a woman confident and happy.Flaunting shiny and bright hair is attractive!If you want bright, shiny hair like celebrities, then check for it.Remedies natural remedies for shiny hair and shiny naturally: Apply olive oil on hair for several hours before washing.Massage the scalp and hair with the tips of the oil.While the oils from the sebaceous glands of the free movement of oil from the scalp is to get the hair.You can crush the avocado and olive oil and 1 teaspoon of baking powder.Apply this paste on the hair and leave for 30-45 minutes.Rinse to wash their hair with cold water well.Always.The ruins of the hot water softness and quality of the hair and makes it brittle and fussy.Wash hair with warm water, essential oils.Cold water can get touch.After shiny hair and shiny hair shampoo, you can either use a conditioner to get silky hair to shine.Let the air conditioner for 2 minutes then rinse well.You can use vinegar as a natural air conditioner, get to shine in the hair.Add a few drops of vinegar in water and apply on hair.Leave for 30-40 seconds and then rinse again with water, if you to.Egg one of the remedies for hair is naturally bright and shiny like to receive.Beat an egg and apply on hair.Leave the paste on the hair for 30 minutes, then wash with a slight odor of egg shampoo.The go a few hours after washing the hair.The hair is silky and a brush or comb glossy.Never wet or damp hair.The hair is curly, leading to hair breakage and split ends.Let air dry and comb hair after completely dry.Plastic bristles of the brush or comb, the brightness of your hair to be spoiled, use a natural brush to keep hair shiny and gel glossy.Avoidhair, use the contains alcohol.It makes the hair dry.Also avoid using a hair dryer.Occasional use of hair dryer is placed on the hair well, but it is better to let the hair dry naturally.Use these remedies for your bright and shiny hair .

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